Gas Station

A common gas station.

Structures are man-made objects that are commonly found in Apocalypse Rising.


Structures in the game range in a variety of sizes and have different uses. They can be small, adequate sheds to large, complex apartment buildings containing all sorts of supplies and weapons. Normally, they are found in small settlements and cities, most of them are accessible while a small number of them are not. They can be occupied for a range of uses, such as a forward operating base, a temporary resting place, a camp, a hide out, or even a last resort if it ever happens. Some can be used to refuel vehicles such as the fuel tank that is commonly found in settlements, and some structures can even be destroyed, with a stash of C4 Explosives and the job is done! Overall this, structures are primarily used for finding general supplies.

List of Structures and Objects

Structure Name: Rarity: Type: Real Life:
Farmhouse Very Common Civilian Farmhouses
Hospital Uncommon

(Found in certain places)

Civilian Hospitals
Military Tent Uncommon Military Military Tents
City Buildings Very Common Civilian Buildings
Gas Station Very Common Civilian Gas Stations
Barn Common Civilian Barns
House Very Common Civilian Family Home
Cemetery Uncommon Civilian Cemetery
Shed Quite Common Civilian Shed
Stack of Cargo Common Presumably Military Cargo Containers
Water Tower Common Civilian Water Towers
Town Hall Uncommon Civilian/Military Town/City Hall
Statue of Kin Only in Kin Civilian Unknown (Statue)
Radio Tower - Civilian/Military Television/Radio Towers


Uncommon Civilian


Military Barricades Quite Common Presumably military


Roadblocks Commonly emplaced on roads in hamlets, villages, towns, and Kin. Presumably police and/or military

Mansion - Civilian/Military Mansions
General Stores Common Civilian

General Stores

Refugee Camp - Military Refugee Camps
Abandoned Mine - Civilian Mines
Prison - Military Prisons
Radio Station - Civilian/Military Radio Broadcasting Stations
Factory - Civilian Factories
Trinity HQ - Military Headquarters
The Bunker - Military Military Bunkers
Fort Ruins - Military Forts
Bump Flatts - Civilian Towns
Transformer Unit In the 3 major cities only Civilian Electrical Substation
Military Outpost - Military -



  • All of the structures and buildings are emptied of furniture, possibly looted or moved by their owners or soldiers.
  • Unknown to many players, the windows on some of the structures can be fixed using the Glass Windshield vehicle part.
  • Melee weapons can destroy building windows, a new feature added in the v5.0.0 major update.
  • The light from flashlights and light sources may clip through buildings, though still offering dynamic lighting.


  • Some items may be dropped or deployed outside a building, sometimes slowly clipping through. This could, on rare ocassions, sometimes have flailing large items fling you away from a position. Though, this is not necessarily considered a bug as this usually happens on almost every Roblox game.

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