Kin Reborn is a map of Apocalypse Rising. It is four times the size of Map Kin Reimagined. It was released on Tuesday, March 3, however it was immediately taken down and replaced with the Kin Reimagined map due to bugs. It was re-released on March the 19th after its bugs were fixed and it's final touches were completed. It is similar to Kin Reimagined and has many of the same cities, although it has many locations and cities added, as well as existing cities being rearranged, and a lot more scattered buildings in between. It is much bigger than Reimagined, yet it actually lags less due to a "Revolutionary" chunk system Keth came up with.

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After the second upload, they removed all the glitches, and the loot spawn was changed to be lower. The update has reduced lag, and the map is truly massive and beautiful. One of the biggest updates is that you can now open and close doors, leading to every building being accessible. All of the buildings have been updated to have more varieties of colors. Union Square was updated to be more spread out. The interact tool was removed, all you need to do now is click items with nothing equipped to interact. Also, many new types of buildings were added, such as barns and silos.

The original update was plagued with glitches, ranging from other players being naked to flopping around the menu. The loot spawn rate was left the same, and since every building is enterable except of one at Trinity-HQ is the map as 4 times larger than the other maps, but it severely reduced the spawn rate, it made even Makarov ammo rare! Also, guns would have strange glitches, and sometimes it would take ages for it to register that you damaged another player.