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Welcome Survivor!

Welcome to the Apocalypse Rising Wiki, still alive (somehow) after all these years! As Apocalypse Rising II is coming up, we are bringing this wiki back in good order. Please enjoy this refuge from the (now greatly depleted) zombie apocalypse!

Apocalypse Rising has come out, and only costs 750 ROBUX. Please prepare for the Beta Update, coming out soon, during which the price will drop to 500.

Announcements Board

Pages related to Apocalypse Rising 1 and 2 have been unlocked and may be freely edited. The creation of new pages pertaining to Apocalypse Rising II must first be given the go-ahead by a staff member of this wiki.

New guns, including the Auto-5, Coach Gun, Model 788, and SPAS-12 have been added.

Apocalypse Rising 2 has some new menu sound, and firearm sound is soon to follow.


General Portals

ApocalypseRising1Circle ApocalypseRising2Circle
Apocalypse Rising 1 Apocalypse Rising 2

Gusmanak's Twitter


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