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This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Roblox - Apocalypse Rising Secret Radio Transmission02:07

Roblox - Apocalypse Rising Secret Radio Transmission

This is the transmission I heard.

RobloxScreenShot01192014 203344167

It is not seen well, but the tower can be noticed behind the fire.

The Secret Broadcast Location is a small radio tower on top of the Trinity Headquarters. The broad cast is short, composed of a voice repeating numbers followed by Morse code. The Morse code message has not yet been identified, but is presumed that when identified it would uncover a secret update. A personal radio is required to hear the secret broadcast. It has been recently updated with a male voice pronouncing letters. 


In the broadcast, you can hear a female voice saying the following numbers : 0-4-8-1-0-7. She repeats the sequence twice. It is not determined what the numbers are for or what they shall reveal.

The numbers the woman says are a reference to the green mountain in DayZ. Either the words are transmissioned or they're co-ordinates to the radio tower itself.

Another transmission came out in an update. A middle aged male speaks the following;

Sad music*



sfqpsuupgbdjmjuz 1-7


Morse Code*

The sad music then plays again and the transmission repeats.

The morse code translates into "We are no longer alive STOP This message will play every hour if operators are no longer responsive STOPMESSAGE Unable to quarantine subject change STOPMESSAGE". This is the Green Mountain transmission from DayZ. 

The letters translates into "terminate all subjects,
cease virus augmentation, report to facility 17". The numbers were in the code "Caesar cipher".


The tower (on the roof of the building) is about 1/5 the height of the normal radio tower, it can be climbed and is white and gray. Strangely, if one were to listen to his radio while in the hamlet north of Trinity Headquarters, both signals, the music and the numbers, would cross, creating an odd mixture of music and Morse code.

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