Server Hopping is the act of leaving a server to switch to a different server. This is done to get high value loot even faster, or from escaping a player who is out to get you. Tons of players will get to an area with good loot spawns, such as the Mansion or the Refugee Camp and switch from server to server until the player gets the desired loot. This however can backfire as sometimes people will make a base inside the building your hopping in. For example one of the most noticed case was that a group of 3 was server hopping through the Kin-reimagined servers, when suddenly while in the building they were in (Never specified the building.) They were searching though when suddenly a group of 5 fired on them. No survivors at the group.

Tactical Advantages

One of the most known advantages of server hopping is to get loot, but it is also used for the following reasons.

  • Ambush-hop through different servers to attack unsuspecting players
  • Infiltrating- Similar to ambushing, people will find a base that is covered up, so they go on another sever in the same building and go back to the first server.


  • Some people mistake this as Combat Logging.
  • Server Hopping is great for finding ammo for your gun.
  • Server Hopping is almost as common as Combat Logging.

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