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2 Deadly players wearing woodland and spec ops camo.

RobloxScreenShot09052014 171312478

The importance of black camos, such as the Spec Ops, at night.

RobloxScreenShot10122014 165308633

The Spec Ops Camo.

The spec ops uniform is a rare, dark black uniform composed of the shirt and pants, which have to be found separately. This uniform is useful for stealthiness and sniping because it makes it difficult for you to be seen at night. If you combine the spec ops uniform with a suppressor, a black military bag, a special forces mask, dark skin color, and a black afro or ballistic helmet, you will be almost a shadow in the night. This is not good in the day because you will easily be spotted, so a good idea would be to switch to different clothing in the day.

If you are searching for this, search military loot locations, such as military tents and heli crashes but they are still hard to find, even there.


A player in the Spec Ops uniform

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