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Stamina is the blue line at the bottom.

is a physical stat in Apocalypse Rising.


Stamina can be determined by your Stamina Bar. Stamina is an important part of survival. With Stamina, you can jump and sprint. Sprinting uses up your stamina. 0% Stamina means that you cannot jump, or sprint until you have regenerate 30% Stamina. Stamina was introduced in v5.0.0, but the Stamina Bar wasn't. If you like Stamina, you should get the Cardio Perk.


  • Jumping takes away 20% of your stamina.
  • You regenerate Stamina, 2x faster with the Cardio Perk.
  • Sprinting and Jumping at the same, will gobble up your Stamina pretty quickly.
  • Stamina loss will not result in Health loss.
  • Walking does not affect your stamina loss.
  • Crouching does not drain stamina and will not regenerate it quicker.

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