Storage Crates are one of the most recent additions to AR. They can store items instead of the player carrying them, but beware, other players might find the crates that you have deployed and can take items inside. There are currently only three types of crates, the brown small capacity, the dark gray medium capacity, and the light gray large capacity. Brown crates can carry up to 30 items. Gray crates can carry up to 50 items. Crates are very useful, it is recommended that one should deploy a crate in a hidden room, or behind an wall that has been placed by an Entrencher. One may find that a crates function is similar to that of the Bank in Deadzone. Also, see the article on vehicle storage.

How to pick them up

  • Empty everything out of said crate
  • Hop on top of the crate (optional)
  • Gaze down on the hatch of the crate
  • Click Repackage

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