This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


The Transformer Units, which when activated will make the street lights functional at night. (Kin Reimagined)

RobloxScreenShot03252015 195353179

The new source of power for street lights: the Power Plant. (Kin Reborn)

Street Lights, a Light Source, are not visible in-game as a model, but they emit light along roads inside small towns and major cities. The brightness of the Street Lights is brighter than the Military Flashlight, the brightest handheld light source.


Street Lights are, by default, deactivated in-game. As mentioned above, only specific towns and major cities have Street Lights. To activate or turn them off on the Kin Reimagined Map, you will have to go to the town/city's Transformer Unit and pull the lever. The red and green lights above the unit's lever will blink, and the lights will turn on after a few moments. Players should avoid street lights at night, as zombies can easily detect you and you will be more visible to other players.


  •  When there are red lights in Union Square, or Kin in general, it means Subject 3 (different than Patient Zero) has spawned or is spawning. In the Amend map, a TV in The Bunker would turn red. The lights flicker on and off, and your health will begin to fluctuate.


  • Possibly a ROBLOX Dynamic Lighting bug but when in the south Fire Station in Kin with the lights on, it lights up parts of the inside.
  • You can not turn the lights on anymore due to the new interact system introduced in Kin Reborn.


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