Welcome to the Bunker.


Inside of the Bunker

The Bunker was an underground military bunker located in the center of The Forest in the Amend map. ====


The Bunker, before the apocalypse, was owned by Trinity Corp. and was guarded by the military. It was used as a human experimentation facility. It's location made it a hotspot for freshly-spawned coastals, bandits, and a plethora of military zombies. While it was usually empty aside from some ammo and MREs, it was one of the only locations where powerful weapons such as the CBJ-MS Handgun and the M4A1 could spawn.

It is a good place to base here. It only has one entrance to the base and its safe as long as you have VS 50 mines to put in the entrance.

Patient Zero

To a passive observer, the Bunker might seem, while notably dangerous as per it's location, generally rather purposeless and without function. The only entity of note was a monitor in the back room. While it was usually completely blank, there was a chance that it will remain completely red for the entire day - this is an indication that Patient Zero will be spawned there that night.

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