This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

The Bunker Map

The exact location of the hidden Bunker in Kin Reimagined.

The Bunker reappears in the Kin Reimagined map, buried and hidden in a hill near Kin. The Bunker is mainly empty and has a lot of rooms, but useful loot also spawns inside. It can be entered through a small hatch next to a rock. Amusingly, the small hatch is big enough for a bicycle to fit inside but once it is moved in, it can't get out. Though, the bike still has space to move inside. Inside them are also yellow crates that can't be moved or looted from. The Bunker is also a good place to be fortified as a group base as it is almost directly below the capital city, which has numerous amounts of loot. Zombies do not spawn inside or outside the Bunker. Along with the old rooms, there's a room the size nearly like the one from the mine that spawns both civilian and military loot, with a couple of mixed of civilian loot rooms and military loot rooms with corridors added at all old rooms. It's also easy to get lost more often due to the added rooms from the update which added the military outpost. Other than that, the bunker is perfect for a stowaway base from other players.



  • The Bunker in Kin Reimagined is the only place that is not shown in the map.
  • The Bunker is one of the best places to make a base.
  • The Bunker is supposedly where Gusmanak and Zolarketh made their radio broadcasts on the personal radio.
  • The Bunker is also known as the Bomb Shelter.


  • Using building materials in the bunker is a pain because it is a very confined space and is surrounded by the ground. You WILL lose your stone walls or other building materials you use to board up the tunnel leading down into it.
  • A weird bug which all buildings occur is when you log off under a thin but low block from over your head can get you over the block by the time you spawn, especially the bunker.

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