Welcome to the page dedicated to the the New Bureaucracy.

Around the end of 2016, the New Bureaucracy officially replaced the Old Bureaucracy, generally consisting of the Wiki's original bureaucrats. The majority of members of the Old Bureaucracy were terminated before the start of 2017. Several Old Bureaucrats returned after receiving notice of their termination, however they have once again become inactive.

The Bureaucrat(s)

Duegann: Given bureaucrat by Atom Spark to continue the Wikia. "Leader" of the Wikia. Also big time developer.

The Administrator(s)

Godonan: Newest administrator, he is the tech guy for this wiki. If you have any suggestions, asking for advice, or got a question, he will listen. Implemented the CSS and Javascripts for the wiki.

Wildman12345: TBA

The Moderator(s)

Loltol1234: He holds the enviable position of checking up on dea users and seeing if they respond to his messages. A nice guy who's active on Roblox a lot. Discussion Moderator and Chat Moderator.

BoomTexan: Promoted to Discussion Moderator and Content Moderator for making an extreme amount of edits, blog posts, and forums. Active on Roblox a lot and currently revamping the wiki's look to be less gaudy. Resident Car Geek, Meme Overlord, and Texan Stateriot.

The Old Bureaucracy

These are the remaining original bureaucrats for the Old Bureaucracy. They are in this position in the belief that they may return. Those inactive for more than one year are removed automatically by Fandom Staff.



Atom Spark


CheeZniper :TBA

Old Bureaucratic Removal Process

In the event that any of the Originals fail to return after one year, a discussion is to be made on the forums. It is vital that as many people as possible discuss each of the Originals. Then, a staff member must contact Fandom and request removal of the agreed-to Originals from their position.

Measures are being planned to terminate PTKTSniper (sole supporter has rescinded his support) and CheeZniper (returned due to notice before termination, has since become inactive once again).


After the removal of the bureaucrat, this template is to be posted on their message wall. No title is needed: {{Demotion}} This will result in the following message to occur:

Your bureaucrat status has been deemed by the Apocalypse Rising Community to be unnecessary and due to a vote of 12 to 1, shall be removed by Fandom (Wikia) for inactivity.

You shall no longer retain your red username, and shall be demoted to status of Wiki User.

- The Staff