This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

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Thirst is a game mechanic in Apocalypse Rising. Thirst is shown as a bar in the bottom center of the screen. As time passes, the green bar will slowly be consumed due to activities the player is performing, such as walking, running, and fighting. To replenish this bar, one must find a drink. They can be found nearly anywhere. If the bar is completely consumed, you will slowly begin to lose health as you dehydrate. A blood bag will not replenish health, so a drink must be consumed in order to re-heal. If you don't drink before the health bar runs out, you will die of dehydration.


  • Sometimes when a player first joins and game, the stats won't be fully loaded yet and will show all stats as empty.
  • Sometimes when spawning a new character, your health, thirst, and hunger will all be red.

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