This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Timber is a Building Material that can be found in Apocalypse Rising. Timber can be used as a column, a rampart, or as a fortification from enemy fire.



Building Materials commonly spawn in areas such as the Warehouse, Barn and the Industrial side of Kin. They are used to fortify buildings. You can create a lot of things, such as stairs. Its simple and long design makes it perfect for simple vehicle bridges, as you can make one that works perfectly for a gap between wheels, great for vehicles but making it hard for players to cross. It also can be used for pillars in order to build up to greater heights and make more realistic-looking houses. Its also good for "crouch barricades" which are barricades which must be crawled under in order to enter a fortified building.



  • Military Barricades use a material that looks similar to Timber.
  • This is the best wood item in game.

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