Tractor Apocalype Rising

A old tractor model that was somehow flipped upward.


45 kph (On Road) 40 kph (Off Road)

Hull Strength 100
Fuel Usage




Storage slots




The Tractor is a relatively slow farm vehicle and can only fit one person on the vehicle. It is quite smaller than other vehicles, and has a short narrow front, and a wide back, on which is the only seat. There is no protection for the player except the seat back. Thus, this isn't the best combat vehicle, and bandit encounters should be avoided. The main use of the tractor is to go short distances, it's a fuel hogger and takes up a lot of fuel. The only bright side of the tractor it is one of the fastest offroad vehicles, even faster than a humvee.

You should take 2 jerry cans, this is a fuel hogger.



  • This tractor is based off the Mahindra Yuvo, a Soviet tractor.
  • This guzzles the most gas out of any vehicle.
  • This does not have headlights.
  • It is possible to ride on the roof, but you might get flung or kicked for suspicion (weird).
  • The tractor is the second fastest vehicle off road, but the slowest vehicle on road.

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