Trinity Beret

The Trinity Logo, on a beret.

This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

According to Apocalypse Rising canon, Trinity Corporation (aka "Trinity" or "Trinity Corp") is the institution which developed the Virus that eventually infected most of the regions of Kin and Amend. Trinity Corporation is also believed to be the institution which created Patient Zero as well as Subject 3 and failed to contain/control them.

Trinity Corporation Trinity owns many branded objects, and were considerably rich as they have multiple cargo crates]] and warehouses across the map. These warehouses spawn weapons, building supplies, consumables, and vehicle parts. Multiple advertisements are also distributed around Amend which promote their company that claim "Bringing The Future To You". They're also known for having their own airfield, possibly for transporting crates and supplies. 

It is unknown how Trinity distributed, released, or made the Virus, as there is no evidence that can be found anywhere within the game related to them apart from the messages written in blood left by Patient Zero. Although, it is speculated that they used numerous testing grounds such as the Bunker or inside the Forst to test or experiment on the Virus. In the Kin maps, Trinity Headquarters is located at the southwest corner of the map.


  • It might well be a parody of Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil universe. Umbrella Corp. is a pharmaceutical company that distributes medical drugs, and secretly developed the "T-Virus". This cannot be confirmed as nobody actually knows how Trinity spread their own virus but appearing as a normal, helpful company to the public makes it quite suspicious.
  • On the third floor of Trinity Corporations, there is a typo on the walls saying, "I treid to stop them." Tried is spelled incorrectly.
  • The logo is derived from the word "Trinity."