This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


Trinity Crates are Developer Products for Apocalypse Rising. They spawn in military locations and come in three varieties: low-tier crates known as "Trinity Supply Briefcase", mid-tier crates known as "Trinity Green Supply Box", and high-tier crates known as "Trinity Red Supply Case". If you find one, you can buy it with Robux to receive one randomly generated Weapon Skin. The low-tier crates spawns a high chance of "Bright" brick colors and "smooth plastic" material. The mid-tier crate spawns a high chance of "Really bright" brick colors and mid-tier materials, with a decent chance of spawning better colors and materials. High-tier crates have a high chance of spawning high-tier colors, such as "really black", "gold", "diamond" and materials such as "foil" and "granite". These have a low chance of mid-tier colors and materials. The crates are small, with the smallest being the low-tier crates, and the largest being the high-tier crate. The low-tier crates cost 50 ROBUX, the mid-tier crates 100 ROBUX, and the high-tier crates 200 ROBUX. Upon opening a crate, you will receive a Weapon Skin that will appear in your inventory. Every time you purchase a Trinity Crate, you will be awarded a new weapon skin combination; you will never receive a duplicate skin.


Crates require "keys" to be opened.

On holidays, the first three high tier crates you open will contain a holiday skin.