This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

The Trinity Guard Uniform is one of the three Trinity Uniforms that can be aquired through one of the new gamepasses.

Trinity Guard Top


Trinity Guard Pants


The Trinity Guard Uniform is a grayish color style and has a unique Merc Design to it, and also has red gloves, a Division Symbol, and the Trinity Corporation Logo on the Left and Right Arm Sleeves. It was the standard uniform for people working, protecting, or serving Trinity HQ who were stationed inside Trinity HQ. This camo can be used by anyone, but is highly recommended for night encounters, so that the player has a better chance not to be seen by the player (Depends on the skill of the player) It is very stealthy due to all of its dark color scheme on the uniform. This camo is only obtained when the player buys the Gamepass off of the Apocalypse Rising' store. (It costs a total of 250 ROBUX). This camo is confused by many with the Spec Ops Camo, but if you look close enough, (which you never will because the players that have these are pros at Apoc) you can tell the difference.

It is considered very useful because of it's color that is makes the user more invisible at night, or in dark areas.

This Camo was obtainable back in the 3.0.0 Update, but as of the 5.0.0 Update, is was unobtainable by a normal means of gameplay. The only way now to obtain the clothing in the 6.5.6 update, the player must have purchased the gamepass, and selected it as it's spawn clothing in the Character Customization screen.

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