This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Trinity SUV


62 kph (On Road) 42 kph (Off Road)

Hull Strength 150
Fuel Capacity




Storage slots



The Trinity SUV is a white, 6 seat military/civilian vehicle in Apocalypse Rising. It was added to Apocalypse Rising on 12/5/2014, as part of the Vehicle Update.

It was probably used to transport personnel around Trinity Compounds (presumed to be), used in military convoys to symbolise that important scientists are inside, or used to symbolise to civilians that Trinity Scientist(s) were inside. This might have been bought as a shuttle bus to Yale and Military Outpost.

On the sides of the vehicle, the Trinity Corp logo is seen.

In its fully repaired state, it is a considerably fast vehicle.

This is considered by most players to be one of the best cars, as it has a high top speed on road and offroad, it has a high hull health, and it can transport teams of players without having to make two trips.


  • You can honk the horn by pressing "H" while sitting in the driver's seat and turn on the headlights by pressing "L".
  • The car can only spawn at Trinity Headquarters
  • It appears to always be white.


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