This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

What I have completed (for now)

So much I have done...
  • Add thy portals Portal fluidity and depression complete!
  • Redo the CSS on names. CSS for notable helpers have been done
  • Change CSS to add a banner on the top. Added banner, temp for now
  • Fix everything on the top tabs, some idiot deleted everything on the tab editing page. Have to start from scratch. Done.
  • Possibly redo Heading, edit the HTML for Heading1. Heading finished.
  • Change the wall introduction to something more cool and less botty. Fixed it, tho why is Chez still the introducer...
  • Darken the names on the inactive staff. Made their names red, done
  • Remove the READ THIS DAMMIT from the front page when we are done. Thank goodness. Changed it to "Notice to all of our (insert number) active users."
  • Delete stuff in forms. Mass deletion conducted.
  • Improve Side bars for the homepage. There's pretty much nothing else to do.
  • Manipulate the Javascript for Personal Custom Tags Gave myself tags, no one else came forward to ask, oh well.
  • Make the portals fluid and depressy Done. Waiting for user's comments on it
  • Let everyone know they can edit this. K, now lets get the word out.
  • Add {{Apoc1}} to every apoc-1 related page. Finally done!
  • Remove unneeded table of contents with __NOTOC__ "I could've just made a bot to do all this, *sigh*. Took long enough.
  • Create page for all theories
  • Termination all the comments for new refreshing look.
  • Change the introduction thingy to something better.
  • New Promotions page, here at Office of Staff Management done
  • Kick out all inactive administrators done
  • Kick out all inactive moderatorsdone
  • Fix up weaponry portal
  • Categorize everything into a portal.
  • Ask community if they would like to terminate the inactive bureaucracy

What I now need to do

So much to do...
  • Change portal pictures, make the pictures simple and frank, less amateur
  • Add slider or slideshow for every page Added all needed sliders Done
  • Have base template for all pages
  • Phase out opinion-oriented text
  • Analyze every info page. When nothing should be added, lock them.
  • Get user vote on changing how the mouse looks
  • Redesigning all the templates (why does that word look misspelled...)
  • Sometime redesigning this for mobile usage
  • Purge all categories.
  • Revamp the front page
  • Two different home portal pages, one for AR1 and the other for AR2
  • New testing homepage here