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Player wearing Urban Camo

Urban Camouflage Uniform, aka Urban Camo, is a rare clothing in the game.


It can be found in Military areas. The Urban Camouflage Uniform is green when not worn(on the floor, in your inventory, etc.), but is instead a dark grey when worn. It gives a sort of armored appearance. As with all clothing, the top and bottoms are found separately. It is very useful when trying to blend into rocks, so that you're not detected from far away. In actual urban areas, it's not really that useful, as the are many more red, green, etc. buildings than grey. Make sure you're well prepared to fight when you have this camo. Though you may get respect for this extremely rare camo, you will be hunted. This is one of the most all around good camos in the game, as it can blend in with snow, rocks, roads, cities, and at landmarks such as Prison, Fort Ruins, and Military Outpost because of their gray colors that are found everywhere. The only places this is not a good camo at is in grasslands.

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A bandit with a G36K and Urban Camo perches on Radio Tower.

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