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Utilities assist the player in multiple functions. All utilities, with the exception of the melee weapons, have little function in combat.

All utilities are placed in the utilities section of the Inventory.

Note: For information regarding the melee weapons, please visit the Weaponry portal of Apocalypse Rising 1.

Picture Name Type Extra information
Map Navigational Allows player to use surroundings to gauge his/her location.
GPS Navigational When used in conjunction with a map, pinpoints the user’s location
Compass Navigational Allows player to orient himself to N/S/E/W
Watch Timekeeping Allows player to remain aware of Time
Matches Cooking Allows player to cook Raw Meat and convert it into Cooked Meat
Old Flashlight Lighting Weak Lighting
Survival Flashlight Lighting Medium Lighting
Military Flashlight Lighting Strong lighting
Omni Light Lighting Allows player to not need to equip flashlight for lighting purposes
Road Flare Lighting Lights for a while at the thrown position for a while.
Personal Radio Entertainment Plays music, static interruptions occur based on distance from the Radio Tower in Kin. No known static orientation in Amend.

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