V.I.P Servers for Apocalypse Rising are personal servers that must be purchased with 500 Robux per month. Unlike standard public servers for Apocalypse Rising, you may spawn in a wide variety of weapons, ammunition, food and drink, vehicles, attachments, etc. Teleporting and spectating is also possible.

Stats from V.I.P Servers do not save, however. Normally V.I.P servers are used to take pictures or as a place to conduct amateur "minigames" such as dueling (player vs player duel), or climb-to-the-sky (use building tools to get as far high as possible while battling other players).


Duel - 1 Player versus 1 Player, a classic for V.I.P Servers.

Mini Bases - You are given an entrencher, three drums, three secondary mags, all the attachments and building materials you want, and a weapon of your choice from both secondary and primary. Then you set up base in a hayfield and battle with however many players are in the server.

FFA - Everyone in server goes to a small town and lets loose with bullets. Last one alive wins.

Capture the Beans - Beans are in a location that is easy to find (set off flares around the location) and start the game. Everything goes, but turn off spawning so that nobody can spawn beans. Both teams must take the beans back to their home base.

Base Wars - People set up bases, and other people try to raid it. This is a fun game, as there is a lot of strategy required in sneaking a C4 into a heavily guarded base and then detonating it without anyone noticing, and there isn't a lot of strategy involved in charging a base using a M1014 and anti-player mines. It's a game for everyone!

Climb-to-the-Sky - Multiple players use building tools to construct structures as tall as possible while attempting to kill and avoid being killed by other players.

Gauntlet - One player drives a car throughout a city (most commonly Kin) while attempting to survive gunfire fired from other players on the roof and ground.

As you join further V.I.P servers, try to find out which minigames are conducted, and add to this list.