This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

RobloxScreenShot02052015 142154-441

The vehicle storage capacity of the ural

When you run out of space in your inventory or when you just need to store something safely within reach an easy solution is vehicle storage. In the game there 15 vehicles with the bicycle being the only one having no storage capacity. Unlike when a player carries a 2 or 3 space object such as scrap metal or an engine, in a vehicle all objects take up one space.
Vehicle Type Amount of Space
Tractor 10
Atv 5
Motorcycle 5
Van 20
Bicycle 0
Sedan 10
Cargo Van 20
Pickup Truck 15
Ambulance 15
Police Cruiser 10
Fire Truck 10
Trinity SUV 20
Jeep 15
Humvee 15
Ural 40
RobloxScreenShot01302015 182201911

The vehicle storage capacity of the motorcycle.

RobloxScreenShot01252015 204752125

The vehicle storage capacity of a pickup truck.

RobloxScreenShot01252015 205440-256

The vehicle storage capacity of a fire truck.

RobloxScreenShot01252015 104931649

The vehicle storage capacity of a humvee

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