Vehicles are simply an optional method of transportation to quickly access various locations in Apocalypse Rising. They do not travel with the player and remain in the server they spawned in.
Required Materials
When a vehicle spawns for the first time, it is generally missing serveral parts. The parts to repair a vehicle fully are:

Scrap Metal - Hull repair

Armor Plates - Increased vehicular protection to bullets

Jerry Can - Used to refill vehicles with gasoline, found at gas stations.

Wheels - Allows vehicular movement

Reinforced Wheels - Improved wheels with more protection against a maximum of four bullets

Fuel Tank - Consumes fuel at different rates, depending on damage.

Engine Part - Moves the vehicle at different maximum speeds, depending on damage.

Windscreen Glass - Glass that protects driver and passengers against one bullet.


A photo of ballistic glass when on the ground.

Ballistic Glass - Glass that protects driver and passengers against a maximum of four bullets.

List of Civilian Vehicles
List of civilian vehicles:

-Tractor -ATV -Motorbikes -Van -Bicycle -Sedan -Pickup Truck -Police Cruiser -Ambulance -Fire Truck

List of Military Vehicles
List of military vehicles:

-Trinity SUV  -Jeep -Humvee -Ural

Vehicle Chart
  • A motorbike got stuck in an ambulance and blew up. ._.
  • Ambulance with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Ambulance. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • ATV / Quadbike with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • ATV. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Bicycle. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Police car with armour (wheels). ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Police Car. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Firetruck with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Firetruck. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Both Humvees with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Both Humvees. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Every car in AR so far! (Credit to kingreeceycup for letting seps13 on his private server :)
  • The Jeeps with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • The Jeeps. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Motorcycles with armour. (B-E-V because you can't see it straight on...) ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Motorcycles. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Pickups with armour. The pickups are actually smaller versions of the Urals! ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Pickups (mini-urals) ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Sedan with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Sedan. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Tractor with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Tractor.~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Trinity SUV with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Trinity SUV. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Urals (large pickups) with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Urals. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • The Van and the Delivery Van, both with armour. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Both the delivery van and the van. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT
  • Another view of every car in the game. ~seps13 / TuxedoMonkeyYT with credit to kingreeceycup for VIP server access
  • A interacted vehicle showing the hull, wheels, driver seat and passenger seat.
  • An example of the types of "Trucks" in Apocalypse Rising

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