This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Windscreen Glass is Glass which can be used to Repair Car Windscreens and Windows of a car, but oddly, it cannot repair house windows. Windscreen glass is however not one of the most common vehicle parts and isn't that useful, but it actually can
stop more than 1 bullet, and can stop more than 1 melee hit. The texture of a windscreen is similar to that of revolver ammo, and may be confused for revolver ammo by new players.

The type of bullet does not matter when it comes to breaking the windscreen, meaning that it can resist even the most powerful bullets, or the weakest bullets. Due to it being a vehicle part, it does take up more then one inventory space and is recommended to be used/dropped quickly so that it doesn't fill up your inventory.

It is considered the most useless vehicle part, as vehicles can run without it.

It can be found in most buildings, however it spawns more commonly in warehouses.

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