This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

ZolarKeth's Armor is an admin-based clothing resembling ZolarKeth's ROBLOX clothing. It's mostly black with some navy blue.

It is the rarest clothing item in the game and is almost impossible to find it in v5.0.0, but can be spawned into the game by exploiters. It is mostly seen on said exploiters or rarely on extremely lucky survivors/bandits. The clothing package is a navy blue color, like the armor itself. ZolarKeth's armor is rarely dropped by Military Zombies wearing helmets. This is the only camo/clothing which cannot be purchased as a starting item (other than Gusmanak's Armor).


  • In the description of the armor, it says "cortosis weaved" which the material cortosis is a refrance to Star Wars, where a fictional material called cortosis exists.
  • This armor is rumored to grant extra health to ZolarKeth himself. However, this is deactivated for a normal player and does not affect your hero/bandit status. 
  • This clothing is one of three variations of armor, the others being Gusmanak's Armor and Shenanigan's Armor. 
  • Gusmanak's Armor is the same with a different color scheme of bright orange. 
  • The armor color scheme of black and dark blue is actually more useful than Gusmanak's Armor of bright orange since it helps camouflage to the night. 
  • It's the rarest armor in the game, along with Gusmanaks Armour. 
  • On the back, it says "Keth", most possibly referencing Zolarketh. 


IMG 0699

A poorly armed survivor wearing Zolarketh armor top.

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